Build Status

Prolink Tools is a collection of software that can be used to interact with the Pioner Pro DJ Link functionality that many of Pioneer’s DJ equipment is compatable with.

Development builds are available.

The server component is the foundation for other tools to build on top of. This component must be run before any other tools are able to communicate with the Prolink network. The server provides a HTTP and Websocket interface to the devices on the network, allowing for easy access to real-time data from these devices.

This component is a command line tool that should be run as a daemon.

Read the documentation

The overlay component is a single-file HTML page that connects to the server to display real-time now-playing and track history information, intended to be used in live-streaming applications. It features smooth animations on track change, displaying detailed information about the currently playing track. The prolink-server’s Mix Status functionality is used to determine when a new track is considered to be playing.

This can be easily used with the OBS Browser Plugin.

It’s recommended that you have correctly tagged your music collection (or tracks you expect to play) for an optimal viewer experience.

Mac OS setup tutorial video (minorly outdated as exists now)

How It Works

Pioneer DJ gear equipped with the PRO DJ LINK feature are able to communicate to each other over a network interface. By reverse engineering this protocol we’re able to talk with and understand the information that the CDJs report. Using the prolink-server we can easily communicate and receive this information and use it in various way.

Project Status

This project is currently still in the alpha phase of testing. Testers are welcome and it is encouraged to create issues on the GitHub project issue tracker.

The project also has some limitations as documented on the prolink-go project.